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Digital Transformation - Big Data -
Industry 4.0 - Cloud Computing 

... keywords, often triggering controversial discussions and yet, no one doubts that a fundamental change is taking place in IT. This is driven by evolving technology in the market and associated tailored services. ‘Cloud‘, ‘as a Service‘ and ‘Managed Services‘, are innovative service offerings complementing traditional outsourcing. Cost is a major factor, and often time is missing for investment cycles and the DIY way.

The role of classic ‘internal IT’ is at a breaking point. For their success, companies need dynamic, innovative IT support and communication. To keep up with the steady pace more and more ICT services are being provided by external sources. The ‘Internal IT’ is moving from System Operations to Service Integration. Transparency, reliability and service quality become crucial success factors.

In addition to the enhanced technical competence of a Service Integrator, superior control and management skills are now becoming essential. It is important to monitor and control the entire supply chain of external and internal service provides. Performance in time and quality must be ensured to meet requirements. Service Supply Chain Management becomes the key word.

Transforming from pure Service Operations to genuine Service (Level) Management requires transparency and measurability of requirements and services.

If you do not know the goal, no way is the right one

Purpose provides direction. Without a goal, there is no right or wrong. In order to assure services in a required form and quality, it is mandatory to have clear and agreed objectives and definitions. Otherwise disputes are caused by the pure subjective perception of quality.

To professionally and objectively control service obligations, clear measurable SLAs have to be agreed and their degree of satisfaction has to be regularly monitored and documented during operations. Good SLAs ensure that requirements are high enough to adequately support the business processes. However, they also guarantee that commitments are not too high and pushing pricing unnecessarily.

fusionPOINT is dedicated to customer oriented and contract focused management of services in the field of IT, communications and other complex services. We are committed to ensuring that our customers are equipped with good SLAs and any information necessary to make their services measurable and transparent and to allow for proper Service (Level) Management and Service Supply Chain Management.


What is your role, which are your main objectives?

You are an internal Service Provider

You are responsible for internal IT or other internal services. You receive requests from your customers and have to implement solutions according to these requests. You are under enormous performance and cost pressure. Possibly, you are transforming from a cost center to a profit center organization considering to offer your services also to outside external customers.

This is only possible through clear agreements on deliverables. Besides service operations, you need a customer service and contract management organization in place with specified requirements and service expectations.
fusionPOINT will accompany you during introduction, definition and monitoring of transparent, realistic Service Level Agreements.


You are a Service Client - your challenge is Provider Management

You receive ICT services from external suppliers. Your job is to evaluate these services and to manage your service providers. Being aware of service agreements and your provider’s service performance is essential. Without SLA related information you cannot objectively evaluate and control your suppliers  in a Provider Management environment.

fusionPOINT will help you set up a transparent performance controlling to properly assess your suppliers’ services. We also support you in defining new SLAs as well as renegotiating your current SLA estate.


You are a Service Supplier / Service Provider

You sell ICT or other services to internal or external customers. Your major challenge is to deliver services according to expectations and to proactively make your service performance transparent to your customers. It is essential to have service agreements in place that correspond with your customer‘s expectations. In case of frustrated customers, it must become obvious whether a deficit in service or an inadequate SLA is the cause of dissatisfaction. 

fusionPOINT will support you in building up an automated, contract focused performance management, which will recognize performance defects as well as overachievements of service. We will also advise you regarding the setup of competitive state of the art SLAs.

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